DirectBooking enables hoteliers to drive more bookings and revenue
by leveraging guest driven, personalized reservations technology

Direct Booking is the first to market hotel technology provider delivering personal based reservations technology.
The solution is simple and easy to implement and use as it is designed for today’s online guest.
Personalization increases conversion rates, revenue, and guest satisfaction from the minute the solution is installed.

Instant Direct Bookings

Most of your Guests visit your Website
But 71% of your online bookings come through OTAs
Stop Paying for Distribution. Start Making Money

Drive significantly more
direct bookings

Increase revenue through
additional sales

Enhance guest satisfaction
and hotel reputation

Today, almost 90% of travelers value the unique experience they can get

Personalization is now the first priority among the modern trends in the travel industry

Don’t Sell Rooms
Sell Experiences

Let your guests choose the services
that meet their expectations

Increase your direct bookings
and your revenue by offering
personal free and fee-based perks

Capitalize on guest satisfaction
to enhance your reputation and
your overall business

Make Experiences
Your Business

The most Profitable Hotel Distribution solution with the best Guest Satisfaction solution

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